About The Neighborhood

S. Eberhart Avenue is a brick 2 flat rental apartment building in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood.  The development of Greater Grand Crossing linked to the growth of the railroads connecting downtown Chicago to the greater Midwest.  The area’s first residents settled near the intersection of the Illinois Central and Lake Shore and Southern Michigan railroads where, beginning in the 1850s, trains would idle to allow rail traffic to pass safely.  Passengers and workers on the idling trains provided businesses with customers, and the neighborhood began to grow from this opportunity.  The 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition sparked massive growth in the South Side Communities nearest the lakefront, Greater Grand Crossing among them.  S. Eberhart Avenue, built in 1913, was one of the many apartment buildings and homes built to support the influx of new residents arriving in the wake of the Exposition.  Today, Greater Grand Crossing remains a residential neighborhood, with most of its many 2 flats and bungalow-style homes dating back to the early 20th century.   

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