Chicago is a dynamic, complex city that is always evolving.  Neighborhoods change and property values fluctuate.  What remains constant is the desire for families to live, work, and raise their children in safety and security.  Our goal is to identify neighborhoods that remain safe, stable, and vibrant through the many ups and downs Chicago has faced over the decades.

To support our mission of providing high quality affordable housing in thriving neighborhoods we invest in areas that are sure to be stable and prosperous come what may.  Strata employs a data-driven property research and evaluation method that far exceeds the services provided by real estate websites and property evaluation services in depth and detail. 

Based on academic research models developed by the University of Illinois at Chicago and Depaul University, Strata analyzes hundreds of data points from decades past to the present for each property we consider acquiring.

We believe information and understanding leads to better outcomes for tenants and investors.