About Strata

We believe investing in Chicago is good business.

And who knows this better than native Chicagoans?  Strata Investments is a locally owned and operated real estate development and investment firm that specializes in the acquisition, renovation, and operation of affordable rental housing.

Strata delivers strong investment returns by redeveloping residential real estate in historic Chicago neighborhoods - neighborhoods characterized by attractive asset pricing and strong prospects for continued stability and growth.  Strata acquires and rehabilitates distressed multifamily properties to be leased to tenant-participants in the Chicago Housing Authority's Housing Choice Voucher Program.  Once stabilized, our obtain mortgage financing that is used to repay our investors with high, fixed-interest yield.

This approach provides a stable, subsidized payment cycle, the related strong net operating income of the properties and the resultant strong cash yield to investors.

Why Chicago?

Market Viability

The subprime mortgage crisis hit Chicago hard.  Property values fell and a wave of foreclosures swept through the city.  But the market has been resilient and property values have largely recovered and even surpassed their pre-crisis worth. 

Chicago Single Family Home Value as % of 2000 Worth

Source: Depaul Institute For Housing Studies "Cook County House Price Index"


City-sponsored initiatives guided by Chicago’s Five Year Housing Plan such as the Micro-Market Recovery Program are strengthening commerce in neighborhoods across the city.  These efforts, combined with investment and hard work from private corporations, non-profits, and neighborhood residents are driving a prosperous Chicago. 

Click here for detailed information about the City of Chicago's Five Year Housing Plan


The housing market in Chicago shifted from one led by home-owners to renters. 

Rental Rate

Source: American Community Survey 2006-2015

Within this trend is a parallel increase in the number of renters seeking affordable housing units.  This is a rich market for investment because the supply of affordable units continues to fall behind demand.  Data shows a large gap between the number of affordable units in Chicago and the number of residents in search of them.  

Supply and Demand for Affordable Housing Units in Chicago

Sources: American Community Survey PUMS Data, Depaul University Institute For Housing Studies "The State Of Rental Housing In Cook County"