Strata's affordable housing strategy is an excellent alternative for investors interested in:


  • High yield (typically nine to eleven times more than bank CDs)
  • Short-term duration of one year or less
  • Making an investment that helps our neighbors and neighborhoods by contributing to the cause of affordable housing in Chicago


Strata offers two investment styles:

  • A turnkey investment in which the investor acquires a fully rehabbed, fully rented, income-generating rental property.  Investors are the sole owners of these rental properties and receive the periodic cash flow, tax advantaged depreciation and long term appreciation of these investments.  Turnkey investors enjoy the benefits of newly rehabbed properties, guaranteed to be fully leased for one year and professionally managed by Strata.


  • A debt investment in a multifamily property in Chicago.  The investor receives a high interest note for a one year term.  Investors benefit from a real estate-based investment without the complications of ownership.

The borrower, Strata Investments, is an experienced real estate developer with more than 30 previous projects combining low acquisition costs, strong rehab cost/quality control, efficient leasing to subsidized renters, and takeout mortgage financing upon stabilization.

About Turnkey Properties

Turnkey properties are properties for which Strata has done all of the hard work for the investor, meaning that the buildings have been comprehensively renovated, occupied by qualified tenants, and managed by Strata’s property management company.

Turnkey properties are ideal for investors who want to benefit from rental property ownership without the expense and difficulty of rehab and tenant management.  Turnkey properties provide revenue to investors at the point of investment.